For Staff & Students


The gateway to unlimited opportunity for our culturally rich community, is to empower students to become accomplished, self-directed, collaborative, lifelong learners, who boldly contribute to an increasingly complex and evolving world by engaging them in positive relationships, rigorous curriculum, and innovative meaningful experiences.


The District's Strategic Plan is a five-year plan that will help ensure that all of our energies and resources are being dedicated to the right areas to guide the district to success. The goals of the plan are outlined in the following strategies:

 I. We will ensure rigorous curriculum and meaningful experiences through innovative learning environments that meet the individual needs of each student.
 II. We will promote career and college exploration and preparation through the use of systems and structures to meet the needs of all.
 III. We will actively recruit, develop, and retain a highly qualified staff.
 IV. We will use a culturally responsive approach to relentlessly pursue meaningful engagement with parental, business, and community stakeholders.
 V. We will promote a safe school environment, teach citizenship, and support the social, emotional and physical well-being of all students and staff.
 VI. We will promote an exemplary learning environment through the utilization of ancillary service departments that integrate established and innovative practices, standards, and systems.


Personalized learning models are organized around clear and comprehensive sets of standards for the knowledge, skills, behaviors and characteristics each student needs in order to be a self-directed learner. This type of learning empowers students to develop habits that are invaluable for college and life success.

1. Each student’s progress through the Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) is based upon demonstrating competency of all Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards.

2. Technology is incorporated into all subjects and content is delivered digitally creating a blended learning environment.

3. Each student will set learning goals, make plans to reach those goals, learn the required knowledge, apply what was learned, and self-reflect.

4. Each student is able to demonstrate competency of all standards in three distinct ways: knowing, doing and applying.

5. Students work collaboratively on rich project-based experiences to develop deeper learning skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving and communication.

6. Students work at his or her own pace and receive individual support when needed.

7. Each student receives immediate feedback to deepen his or her understanding of, and progress through, all standards.

Elements of Personalized Learning


Personalized learning ensures that every student is truly prepared for college, career and life. This is accomplished by focusing on the four elements that are the foundation of college and career success.

Every student has a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP), where students set learning and personal growth goals, track progress, receive immediate feedback and are able to access learning resources at any time (24/7). The PLP is designed to be a dynamic tool where families and teachers alike can offer support and coaching to student.
Students will have a mentor who individually supports them through their goals.

Every student receives consistent, relevant, and personalized support seamlessly integrated into their school day as they drive towards their academic and personal goals.