Is Connect for You?

What is Connect?
Connect is a personalized way of learning that allows students to move at their own pace. Students must master content by 80% or higher. Students who struggle are given extra time to work on the content, while other students can move forward. ​

Small group instruction
Students have the opportunity to work with the teacher or peers in a small group setting when  they need additional support. Teachers target instruction individually and in small groups based on real-time student assessment data. ​

Teachers mentor students in weekly check-ins, providing ongoing feedback and serving as a coach and advocate. Teachers develop strong relationships with students to understand their aspirations, help them set goals and reflect on their progress through weekly mentoring check ins. Students set and track short-term academic goals and long-term college and career goals.

Project based learning
Students engage with projects that connect the classroom to the real world. When students work in teams to apply what they're learning to projects that mimic and solve real-world problems, they develop strong collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills. ​

Pre AP/ AP Premium points
On level Connect courses receive a weighted grade point of up to 5.5 (this aligns with traditional Pre-Ap courses) On level Connect AP courses receive a weighted grade point of up to 6.0 ( this aligns with traditional AP courses) Students can take dual credit classes when they are in high school. ​

Early College

PHS will pilot Connect in Early College in 2018-19. ​

How is Connect different for students?
Students are empowered to become self-directed learners—they set goals for their learning, reflect on their progress and build habits and mindsets to help them succeed in college, career and life with mentorship from their teachers. Amount of time on the computer 70% of the student’s grade is based on project time, therefore 70% of their time is spent working in collaborative, interactive project groups. Connect is not a technology program.